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Zenith Machinery Insists on Innovation and Improves Ultrafine Mill Performance

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The advancement of science cannot go without innovation, only through which an enterprise can become more powerful. As the main sand making equipment in the sand making production line, ultrafine mill can only be able to meet the sand demand standard of national construction industry only through constant development and innovation. Since founded, Shanghai Zenith Mining Machinery has constantly increased the investment in scientific research capital to make the whole production line in a good development state and make a good contribution to the construction industry in our country.
Through the improvement on all the details of sand making plant in these years, the ultrafine millry produced by Shanghai Zenith Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has been greatly improved in performance and helped our company to well management the after-sales service of our products to get better and higher returns. In the transmission part of ultrafine mill, on the basis of existing level, it will be risky to try new technologies. For this reason, Zenith Machinery carefully chooses several reliable points for trail, for example, using simplified belt wheel device to greatly reduce the power wasted in driving device and using good lubrication and equip bearing with large inertia device to improve the stability of the working condition and reduce the driving loss.
Besides these points that need attention, Shanghai Zenith Mining Machinery has not only focused on high performance of the sand making products. Influenced by foreign large ore beneficiation equipment manufacturers, Zenith Machinery begins to pay attention to the usability and humanized controllability of the equipment. On SMM-C series of sand making plant, improved control device has been applied, and the biggest feature of this device is that it can realize real time monitoring of the changes of all technical details through the screen, making the machine the real ultrafine mill expert and sand production data base.

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