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You can join 1v1 arena by talking to a Gladiator recruiter

You can join 1v1 arena by talking to a Gladiator recruiter. You can find these by Buy ArcheAge Gold on to your map -> merchants -> Gladiator recruiter. You’ll most commonly find this recruiter in your capital city.

This arena is very straightforward. Essentially you are thrown into a Gladiator Pit with another player, the first person with 2 kills wins. Quick and easy.

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The biggest downside to this arena is that only a small niche of specs (Darkrunner, Skullnight, Daggerspell etc) are both awesome and viable for 1v1 Level 50 PVP.

Also the fact that more geared players can absolutely dominate fresh geared players don’t really make 1v1 arenas the best place to start for PVP beginners.

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