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Yarn Count of silk yarn

The count used for s <a href=””> spun silk yarn </a> is the metric count system, used for cotton, linen and wool. In determining spun silk yarn, 1 gm (1/28 of an oz) is the stable figure. One metre (39 inches) of yarn weighing 1 gm is 1 mt count or a #1 yarn. A #10 silk is 10 mt/1 gm and has 10,000 mt/kg. This translates to 4,970 yd/lb.

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A pair of numbers identifies the size of plied yarns. A 20/2 spun silk is comprised of two strands (bottom number) of a #20 (top number) yarn. The 20 indicates that each strand is 20 times finer than a #1 silk, which has 497 yd/lb. To calculate the yardage of any spun silk yarn, multiply the yarn size by 497 and divide by the ply number. A 20/2 silk has 4970 yd/lb. The higher the number e.g. 20, 30, 60 the thinner the yarn and greater the yardage.

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