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Women of Destiny (Part 1) by Amuge Mary

I was asked to sponsor this group in Africa by Amuge Mary that I met on facebook. She came to me and she wanted for my help so I just started to use my gifts to ask her some questions…and the answers I got really impressed me and I wanted to share them with YOU!!!
1. What inspired you to be part of this program?
We were inspired to start this group due to the many widows and other vulnerable poor women in our community.
Many have lost their husbands due to H.I.V and have to take care of their children with no employment.
2. What is the name of the group?
Women of Destiny.
3. What is the ultimate goal of the group?
(i) The ultimate goal of the group is to start small skills training, acquire
small loans, and carry out counseling sessions as well Technical and
business training.
(ii) Empower the women financially, morally so they can be independent.
(iii) Capacity building for the women to sustain themselves
4. What is the mission statement that guides the group daily?
Working towards Excellence and living daily to bring change to the community.
5. If we empower the women of Africa and the world, how will they inspire the

(i) They would encourage the dependant women to come up strong and learn to work by themselves.
(ii) They can train other women.
(iii) Explore the untapped potential of most women in the world by being an example to them.
(iv) Can become the activists in eradication of poverty among other women.
6. What day to day operations will happen to help this group?
(i) Making paper beads, necklaces, and other art crafts.
(ii) Sustainable knitting co-operatives through which they produce garments for their domestic market and exports.
(iii) Guidance and Counseling.
(iv) Start small income generating projects.
7. What resource do you need to reach your goals?
(i) We need sales representatives across Europe and parts of Africa to help us market our hand made products.
(ii) We need organizations we might partner with.
(iii) We need volunteers for skills training and development.
8. What type of companies and organizations do you need to partner with?
(i) Humanitarian organizations
(ii) Relief and development organizations
(iii) Youth groups, clubs, individuals who are interested and other projects.
9. What does your group have to offer?
(i) Hand made products such as necklaces and paper beads
(ii) Labour in case of a developing idea

Thanks Stephen for being patient with us.
These are the answers, i hope it will help.
Be blessed

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