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Wide application of green cutting disc?

With the development of technology and the increasing demand of the market, the production and development of green cutting disc should also keep pace with the development of the times. Now that cutting sheets are used more and more widely, what are the main applications of the green cutting disc? What about? Let me introduce you today.

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Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd. has mature technology and perfect production system. The cutting blades are made of high-strength resin and special abrasive. They allow large linear speeds, all exceeding 50 m / s, not easy to be brittle; cutting sharp, The cutting heat is extremely small and the sample heat affects the layer shallowly, minimizing interference. Cutting sheets are widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc., and can also be used in iron decoration and equipment repair of modern houses and factories. Suitable for general metal, stainless steel, broken fire steel, tool steel construction metal, cast gray iron, hard cast iron metal. The super-hard cutting piece has less wear, long service life, and high grinding ratio, and can obtain good economic effects under reasonable use conditions, and has a better economic effect on materials which are difficult to process with ordinary abrasive materials.



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