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where you can not attack the first comer

Ok, due the article already limit on the number of text on news, so for information you can reading in next news on archeagep. But Buy ArcheAge Gold . The banal, popular and you usually have the class, the more guides will be fighting with these heroes. Naturally, they will read your theoretical opponents, and when you meet with a well-read, then your character will be for him like an open book. Second, a rare, almost unique class hero still will not give you too much of an advantage, because sooner or later, you will still run into an opponent who will own the full range of so-called anti-combinations. So there is no absolute cure-all, but to cheer the passage of comfort possible at the expense of Donat.

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A little about fractions and karma. In the game there are places where you can not attack the first comer, and there are those where you can. This so-called, PvP-zone. Attacking character, be sure to check the factional affiliation. It is not necessary to attack someone who is out of your faction, because it can be very bad for your further development. If you kill a character from your faction, then your character will fall Karma, if, again, he will collect the blood that fell from the victim. As soon as your karma drops to 50%, the hero will be in prison, after die in PvP-battle. If your karma nabёret 3000 points, the hero immediately be credited to the pirate alliance. This will give an opportunity not only to do a real plunder caravans, and kill all of the right and left freely, in a sense, without damage to karma. Pirate’s like which faction will belong to the victim.

But the battle of ArcheAge – not the main thing. Much more interesting are organized system of crafts. Let’s go through the most interesting moments of the craft, which they know not all, or even a less experienced fans of the game. Describe all the crafts is not included in our plan, but farming – the most interesting and multidirectional trade, requiring constant attention, we describe.

For example, if you hit on a bed, then it may fall off the worms, which are required to engage in fishing. is the best place to all friends for getting archeage gold eu/us within 5-15 mins

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