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Wheel use characteristics

Grinding application technicians are most concerned about the sharpness of the wheel and the life of the wheel. The sharpness of the grinding wheel is an important feature of the smooth progress of grinding: academically, it refers to the amount of grinding force per unit time and unit durable cutting off wheel. The smaller the grinding force, the easier it is to scribe the workpiece: the sharper the grinding wheel. The durability of the grinding wheel is also an important performance of grinding. It means that the grinding wheel starts grinding after trimming, and can not continue grinding until it needs to be re-trimmed: the total number of workpieces or the total length or total volume of the grinding wheel in this period of time . The life of the grinding wheel refers to the grinding wheel until it is used or no longer used:

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The sum of the durability of the grinding wheel. The sharpness of the grinding wheel and the life of the grinding wheel during the grinding process are two contradictions. The grinding wheel is sharp and the grinding force is small: it shows that the grinding wheel has good self-sharpness: there are new abrasive grains exposed, and the old abrasive grains fall off: it will bring about the reduction of the life of the grinding wheel; the grinding wheel has good durability and long service life, indicating that the grinding wheel is hard. The abrasive grain is not easy to be exposed, the abrasive grain is easy to passivate, and the surface of the grinding wheel is easy to block: the grinding wheel is not sharp, and the grinding force is large: the accuracy of the cutting shape is deteriorated, the collapse is large, and the burr is enlarged. Both sharpness and wheel life are reflected in the current grinding conditions: they can be adjusted appropriately by grinding process parameters, etc. within the _ range. If the grinding wheel speed is increased or the feed speed is reduced, the thickness of the single abrasive grinding is reduced, which is beneficial to reduce the grinding force: improve the sharpness of the grinding wheel and improve the grinding quality; and increase the rigidity of the process system as appropriate: reduce the cutting Grinding wheel grinding vibration, thereby improving the grinding wheel’s profitability and grinding wheel life; increasing the coolant supply, helping the grinding wheel to flush, cool, and chip the chipping ability, also reducing the friction between the abrasive particles and the workpiece, reducing the grinding force: it also helps In order to improve the sharpness of the grinding wheel; and to optimize the grinding wheel dressing parameters: it can also play a good effect. However, the sharpness and service life of the grinding wheel are greatly improved. It is only realized by the grinding wheel manufacturer adjusting the internal factors of the cutting wheel (such as particle size, concentration, binder, filler, etc.) and the manufacturing process (temperature, pressure, time, etc.).

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