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What To Check Before Using China Grinding Abrasive Disc

China grinding abrasive disc must be carefully inspected and identified before installation. The steps to check the authentication are:

Step 1: Check that the grade of China high efficient grinding disc is correct and that it meets the performance, shape and size of all selected grinding discs.

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Step 2: Check and identify the appearance of the grinding disc. Use your eyes to see if the disc is damaged. China grinding abrasive disc with a damaged appearance cannot be used. In addition, it is required that the ends of the grinding disc are flat and there must be no obvious skew.

Step 3: inspect and identify the internal crack of high efficient grinding disc. With a hand-held grinding disc, tap China grinding abrasive disc with a wooden hammer to hear the sound. The crack-free grinding disc makes a crisp sound, and the cracked grinding disc is hoarse, which cannot be used.

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