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What should you pay attention to when cutting the 115*1*22 cutting disc?

In recent years, the development of abrasives has become faster and faster. Especially the 115*1*22 cutting disc is more widely used, and the fundamental reason is that they are inseparable from their unique properties. Because the cutting blades have High bonding strength, can be used at higher speeds, can withstand large grinding pressures, and is widely used in the burr and rough grinding of steel and foundry industries. Therefore, today’s aurora abrasives are used. Let me explain to you what to pay attention to 115*1*22 cutting disc replacement.

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(1) Cutting piece wear: any cutting piece has its own wear requirement. If the wear condition reaches a certain level, it must be replaced with a new one. It cannot be used for saving materials, and it is extremely unsafe to violate the rules. It is generally stipulated that when the cutting piece is worn to a diameter 10 mm larger than the diameter of the chuck, it should be replaced with a new one.

(2) Cutting sheet texture: During the use process, if cracks appear locally in the cutting piece, stop using it immediately and replace the new cutting piece to avoid causing the cutting piece to break and cause injury.

(3), the effective period of the cutting piece: the new cutting piece from the warehouse is not necessarily qualified, and even the new one is not necessarily qualified from the manufacturer. Any cutting piece has a certain effective period, and it is used within the effective period. It is qualified; if it is used beyond the validity period, it is not necessarily qualified.


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