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What should I pay attention to before and after using the treadmill?

1.Prepare activities before running

As with all fitness, the preparation for running fitness is also essential. If you do not prepare for exercise, it is easy to cause muscle strain, joint sprain and other sports injuries, which are more common in cold winters. Moreover, the heart will not be able to adapt to the exercise of greater intensity at once, and there will be physical discomfort such as palpitation and dizziness. The method of warm-up is simply to do some stretching, let the muscles adjust, and then walk for three or five minutes to get the heart and lungs to adjust.

2.carefully check to prevent injuries

Before using the treadmill, check that the treadmill is placed stably and that the table top is dry.

3, Do not worry about speeding up

When running on a treadmill, let the speed of the treadmill gradually increase.

4.Running heart rate, can not be underestimated

It can be assessed by measuring heart rate. Many treadmills have a metal piece on the armrest. When the left and right hands hold the left and right handrails, the treadmill records the number of heartbeats.

5.Do not exceed 60 minutes

In general, exercise in about 30 minutes can have better exercise effects. Usually, the exercise that lasts for more than 30 minutes is not easy to understand. It is the aerobic exercise we are talking about. Of course, if you have higher requirements for yourself, it is better to run for 45 to 60 minutes in a row. For ordinary exercisers, generally do not exceed 60 minutes each time, because too long time is likely to cause excessive fatigue, and the wear of joints may also increase.

6.The hand does not help the handrail

Some people think that when walking or running on a treadmill, the hand needs to be placed on the armrest, which is not right. The armrests are just for helping you get on and off the treadmill.

7,.The heel first land

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If you step on the treadmill belt and make a loud noise when running, it is likely that there is a problem with the running posture. A common mistake is to land on the whole foot. This can cause excessive pressure on the ankles and knees, which can easily cause joint damage. The correct way is to use the heel to land first, then roll to the full foot, and use the arch to give enough cushioning time for the lower limbs. This is somewhat different from running the road, because if you want to run faster, you usually have the front toe first on the ground, so it is lighter in the running process, so pay attention to this is different, but if you are used to it, The problem is not very big, at the same time pay attention to the abdomen and chest, using the strength of the waist and abdomen to control the movement of the body.

8.Pay attention to the pace

The pace should be small and fast to minimize the impact on the leg. Don’t touch the ground first, this will bring impact to the knee, but try to land in the middle of the foot. The more steps you take per minute, the more efficient your running. Excellent runners run 180 steps per minute. When you run, try to step smaller, faster, and close to the conveyor belt to increase the number of steps. Not only will it not be too boring, but it will also improve outdoor running performance.

9.Slope function, live learning

Adjust the treadmill to a tilt of 1 to 2. Simulating an outdoor slope slightly raises the front of the treadmill to reduce the risk of injury. However, the slope should not be too large, which may cause injury to the Achilles tendon or calf. Do not run for too long with a large slope. Do not run for more than 5 minutes with a large slope. It has a slope in a few minutes and no slope in a few minutes, which is safer.

10.Slowly slow down at the end

It is not appropriate to get off the treadmill immediately after running. While running, the body’s blood is concentrated in the lower limbs, and the rhythmic contraction of the muscles can help squeeze the blood from the lower extremities back to the heart. But if you stop immediately after running, the effect of this squeeze suddenly disappears, and the blood will not flow back to the heart well. Pump Gyms with vouchers and discount codes

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