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What is the function of Export Multi-Functional Corn Soybean Grain Thresher/Sheller?

The versatile corn soy grain thresher/huller is versatile and can be used for shelling a variety of cereals, which brings great convenience to users. Today, the Export Multi-Functional Corn Soybean Grain Thresher/Sheller to introduce you. Look at this versatile shelter.

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A sheller is a machine that integrates crops in a single harvest, harvesting, threshing, and concentrating the grain into a storage bin, and then transporting the grain to the transport vehicle through a conveyor belt. It can also be harvested by hand, and the straw of rice, wheat, and other crops can be placed in the field, and then harvested and threshed by the grain harvesting machine. A crop harvesting machine that harvests grain and straw from cereals such as rice and wheat. Including harvesters, windrowers, balers, grain combine harvesters, and grain threshers. However, the traditional harvester has a single function, only the harvesting function, does not have a good spraying function and does not have a good function of stirring the liquid material and adjusting the spray angle, and the conventional harvester concentrates solely on gasoline or diesel. Power generation does not have a good environmentally friendly power supply problem.



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