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What are the precautions for using China cut off disc?

When we use China cut off disc to cut the saw blade, there are a lot of points to pay attention to. Today, Aurora Abrasives will explain the precautions in the application of China cut off disc.


  1. The saw blade should be slow to feed, and the moderate force or tortuous cutting should be stopped. During the cutting process, the curve is not allowed to be cut, and the side grinding application is not allowed. The curve cutting and side grinding applications can easily cause the saw blade to crack, drop or break the base.
  2. During the cutting process, the cutting machine is strictly prohibited from swinging, so as not to destroy the saw blade.
  3. Check if there is any dirt on the chuck of the cutting machine. If it is dirty, it should be cleaned before installation. Whether the spindle bearing, the spindle or the bushing is worn out is heavy, and the new bushing or equipment is replaced when the wear is serious.
  4. When installing the saw blade, please tighten the flange nut to avoid the growth of the saw blade end face.

5.Wet cutting saw blade, please add enough cooling water, cooling water pressure should not be less than 0.1Mpa, no water cutting.

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  1. When cutting hard data, the saw blade becomes dull. It can be “bladed” with ceramic grinding wheel or refractory brick. It is sharp as it is, or the stroke is slowed down and gradually cut.
  2. When the device is saved for a while, it is necessary to make the deflection indicated on the saw blade equal to the twisting of the cutting machine. It is not allowed to switch to the application. Otherwise, the deviation will be different and the composition will not affect the application and affect the application life.






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