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What are the precautions for China grinding disc manufacturer to use the grinding disc?

China grinding disc manufacturer reminds: Be careful when using high-altitude cutting at high altitude. Henan Aurora Abrasives manufacturer Xiaobian reminds everyone that before cutting the high-altitude operation, it is necessary to check whether there are obstructions on the wall of the construction site. rope.

Then pay attention to the following items:

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  1. Check the self-locking device, seat belt and various parts of the sling for damage before use.
  2. The attachment point of the sling should be able to withstand an impact of 2400KG.
  3. Do not stack items within 3.5 meters of the self-locking hook.
  4. When the rack is mounted with the duckbill mouth facing up, the direction of the self-locking device does not work.
  5. After the hook hooks the sling, the self-locking device does not slide under the natural state, and the self-locking device can move up and down. If it cannot move, it is necessary to check whether the diameter of the rope is swayed or whether the self-locking device is reversed.
  6. Do not tamper with the spring parts when not in use to avoid accelerating spring fatigue.
  7. Diamond saw blade manufacturer tips: The dirt and debris of the self-locking tongue should be cleaned frequently to keep the tongue clean.

The high-altitude operations in the construction industry involve a wide range of high-altitude operations. When working in a building, if it is operated on a shelf of 2 m or more, it is a high-altitude operation.


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