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What are the planting precautions for China Garlic Planter Manufactures?

Garlic planters have a large market in China and are very popular among users. So, in order to improve production efficiency when using this kind of planter, what problems should users pay attention to when operating? Today, [url=] China Garlic Planter Manufactures [/url]come to give

Let’s summarize the issues that need attention.

The garlic planter should pay attention to the following problems when using it:

  1. When using the garlic planter, pay attention to the start and the lifting of the ground implements properly. When the operation starts, the rotary cutter is off the ground, combined with the power. After the idling reaches a certain speed, the gear is started again, and the slow landing gear gradually enters the soil until normal operation. When turning to the ground to raise the implement, it should not be lifted too high. The angle between the universal joint and the power output shaft should not exceed 25 degrees. If it is necessary to cut off the power. Otherwise it is easy to damage the parts of the garlic planter.
  2. The position of the transmission direction section and the combination rotary cutter should be correct when the garlic planter is installed. After the directional joint is installed, the two spline yokes should be in the same plane, and the square and square tubes cannot be killed. Otherwise, the machine will be lifted and rotated inflexibly, increasing vibration and reducing life.

The seedling seedling rotary cutter is composed of a curved knife and a straight knife. When installing, the curved knife should be bent inward to ensure that the garlic planter throws the straw into the ridge during the operation, and there is basically no long straw in the seeding ditch, which creates for the emergence of garlic. Good condition.

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  1. Have appropriate strength. In order to solve the problem that there are many straws in the sowing seedlings of garlic, it is easy to breathe and difficult to protect, and the garlic planter is equipped.

When planting work, adjust the intensity according to the soil moisture. The pressure can be adjusted by changing the position of the upper limit pin of the rocker arm on both sides of the garlic planter wheel. The more the upper limit pin moves down, the greater the force.




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