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What are the characteristics of the super thin 115mm cutting disc?

Why do users like to use super thin 115 cutting disc, because it has a lot of features, which are included in these features? Aurora mainly summarizes the following points for everyone:

  1. Have some flexibility
  2. Wide range of applications
  3. High strength, high safety factor combination
  4. Can be made into a variety of complex shapes and special requirements of abrasives
  5. Helps prevent grinding burns on the workpiece
  6. Low hardening temperature, short production cycle and simple equipment.

super thin 115 cutting disc features:

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  1. High-intensity and high-speed: With the continuous development of new varieties of cutting pieces, the strength of the cutting pieces has been greatly improved, and then the wheel speed is obviously improved. Previously used mainly at 60-80 m / s, and now a large number of foreign use of 100-150 m / s.
  2. Easy to operate, easy to cut and easy to grind: Most cutting chip manufacturers in the past have focused on the pursuit of high wear resistance, increasing binder usage, increasing density, resulting in poor durability and poor wheel operability. Cutting sheets have been developed in a multi-purpose 4-in-1 direction, ie cutting sheets can be used to cut metal/stainless steel/non-ferrous metals/stone and non-metallic materials.
  3. A wider range of applications: The use of larger cutting blades continues to grow in combination, and year after year has become the largest fixed abrasive product. At the same time, the application of the cutting piece is very wide, as long as we can think of the industry already used.
  4. Greener: The external cutting wheel has made rapid progress in the development of new products such as cutting dust, odorless and smokeless.


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