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What are the characteristics of China Corn/Soybean Precision Seeder Price?

China Corn/Soybean Precision Seeder is a high-efficiency/easy-to-operate agricultural machinery. Its production has improved the production efficiency for many farmers. It is very popular among users. Then China Corn/Soybean Precision Seeder Price what are you? Let me summarize it today.

1: The seesaw is subjected to high temperature carburizing and no further processing is required.

2: The handle can be adjusted in height, length and length, suitable for everyone.

3: Simple and reasonable support, when using single row sowing, fertilizing, single squatting, the stipulation is decentralized, the whole machine can be placed horizontally. Easy to add seeds and fertilizers. Achieve one person operation.

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4: Advanced truss design, the inclined support plate is provided with adjustment holes, which are used to adjust the head of the seesaw, the head, and the depth of the ground. The height adjustment of the lame leg is the auxiliary adjustment of the height of the handlebar, and it does not have the effect of adjusting the depth of the squat.

5: The cultivator has left and right shovel. Installed on the left and right sliders of the truss to achieve double-row soil. The sliders are interchanged left and right, and the front corners of the shovel can be placed together to achieve flat trenching. The soil shovel is left and right interchanged to achieve flat ridges. Adjust the hole of the inclined support plate to adjust the depth of the soil shovel and divide the soil, and how much soil is used. On-demand original species, live Maozi, a success, 4 to 5 acres per hour, reasonable design and no defects. Replace the building heart, you can finally spread cotton, corn, peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers. The adjustment handle has a large seeding amount and can be adjusted at will.


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