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What are the advantages of 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc?

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The 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc is a new type of cutting device that has a much higher performance in terms of wear resistance, hardness, and smoothness than ordinary cutting blades. Cutting can be performed using tools such as ceramic saw blades, brazed cutting blades, and electroplated diamond saw blades. So what are the advantages of using this kind of cutting piece?

  1. Super thin cutting disc is more wear-resistant than the ordinary cutting piece. It uses the hardness enhancement technology of diamond particle mixing to make the surface of the tile form the protective layer structure of diamond C60, which not only improves the hardness but also makes it more than The general polished glazed tiles are more wear-resistant.
  2. Super thin cutting disc series of products, the flatness is generally better than the ordinary cutting piece, the crystal effect of the mirror surface is thicker than other cutting pieces, twice the size of the general cutting piece, plus a more lean polishing process, The cutting piece can be made as smooth as a mirror.
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