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What’s in your integrity? by Sharmen Lane

A long time ago I heard someone describe integrity as “what you do when no one else watching.”  Ever since that day, that has been my interpretation of what integrity is.  Are you who you say you are?  Do you do as you say and say as you do?  Is who you are in public, who you are behind closed doors?

I read an article recently written by Holly Hill the Australian Sugarbabe, who wrote and is sharing her theory of Negotiated Infidelity.  It’s basically where a couple has an agreement to not be monogamous. It allows people to have a relationship with each other but have sex outside the relationship.  I found this concept to be fascinating because isn’t the purpose of being in a relationship to not be intimate with other people?  If you want to have sex with other people then why not just be single?

To me, negotiated infidelity would be out of integrity.  A romantic relationship is a romantic relationship because it’s monogamous.  However, other people clearly don’t feel the same.  But I do ask you, what’s in your integrity? What does the word mean to you and do you live by it?

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Today we are living in a world where public figures like Tiger Woods, and Jesse James, cheat on their wives and blame it on sex addiction. Is it sex addiction or just poor judgment backed up by little personal integrity?  We live in a world where a Bernie Madoff pulls off a $50 billion ponzi scheme and multi-billion dollar companies go under because of fraud or misrepresentation. Entire industries are wiped out because of unscrupulous activities, and those activities are often carried out by the leaders themselves. Where is the integrity? If we raised our own personal level of integrity would these things still happen?

Where does integrity begin? Does it start with our government, our role models, our school system, our family, our spouse, or does it start with ourselves? To what standard do we hold ourselves? If each and every one of us has integrity and live by it and require it from those around us would those things still be happening in our world?

Let me leave you with this… what does integrity mean to you, and are you living up to it?

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