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Wear rate of sand making machine

In the actual production, the main function of sand making machine is to grind the material with high hardness. This will easily lead to the wear of the sand machine parts. Only the wear resistant plate is able to guarantee the actual production and application, and provide guarantee for the high efficiency operation of sand making machine.

When the problems of sand making equipment appear, should first check out and adjust the sand making machine of the vortex chamber door is closed. This is done to prevent the sand making machine while working on equipment broken material from the inside out dangerous projectile.
In addition, to adjust the direction of the impeller rotation in the sand turbine machine. The starting sequence of the equipment and feeding equipment. Under normal circumstances: first discharging and restart after sand making machine. After feeding, to the stock before the sand making machine should first idling for a period of time, when the normal work to feed.
Shutdown sequence of sand making machine: the first stop feeding after until the sand making machine idling period of time until the material and then discharged to stop the equipment. In addition sand making machine feed particles must not be greater than the rated requirements. If the material particles are too large, it will cause the crusher machine wear serious or damage, affect the service life. In addition to these, the regular sand machine should be regular maintenance inspection, to ensure the normal operation of the sand making machine.

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