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Ways to Reduce the Heat Loss of Precalcining Kiln in Cement Production Line

Take the following measures to reduce the heat loss of precalcining kiln.

1. Control the surplus air coefficient. In the operation of Ore Milling Equipment , the first thing is to have enough air and keep a certain surplus air coefficient. The cement process management regulation in our countrystipulates the surplus air coefficient should be controlled between 1.05 to 1.15. But on earth how big should the proper surplus air coefficient be controlled? Under the promise of guaranteeing the fuel a complete combustion, we should try to keep a smaller surplus air coefficient, so as to reduce the heat taken away by the exhaust gas.

2. Control the quality of the pulverized coal. The factors influencing combustion rate will also affect the combustion degree. In order to reduce the heat loss caused by incomplete burning, the moisture content and fineness of the coal should be strictly in accordance with the technical requirements.

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3. Accurate coal feeding volume. Coal feeding volume inaccuracy is mainly caused by inflexible adjustment of the coal feeding system which is not able to properly increase or decrease feeding volume according to temperature changes. In addition, the uneven feeding usually results in coal leakage and coal interruption.

4. Strengthen the airtightness. The air leakage in the kiln head and tail can seriously affect the ventilation and fuel combustion inside the kiln. Moreover, the air leakage of the preheater system even has a more serious effect than that of the former two situations. Besides, the air leakage occurring in the cooler’s cooling chambers also has certain influences on coal combustion. The air leakage phenomena of the kiln head, kiln tail and cooling machine are related to part materials and poor management. So we should strengthen the management and control the air leakage to the lowest level.

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