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Walking tractor installation multi-purpose harvester for sale considerations

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Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper products, they occupy an important position in the receipt of peanuts. With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people choose to buy walking tractors to install multi-purpose harvesting. Machine to meet the needs of agricultural production, then what should be noted when choosing this equipment? Today, the Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper for sale the manufacturer to introduce to everyone.

  1. First of all, we must understand what are the main manufacturers of multi-purpose harvesters, and choose the relatively large scale of enterprises and strong research and development capabilities. Because these enterprises have relatively strong quality conditions, the product quality is relatively stable, and the three-pack service is timely. In addition, before investing, the farmers who have used the machinery are investigated, the performance, quality and after-sales service of the machine, and then the specific model is determined according to their own use and bearing capacity.
  2. Before picking up the car, check whether the machinery has the quality inspection certificate, product promotion permit, three-pack maintenance certificate, and other documents, and check whether all the documents are marked with the product name and main technical parameters marked on the mechanical nameplate. The factory number and the name, address and contact number of the manufacturer are consistent to prevent the purchase of counterfeit and shoddy products. And carefully read the instructions, carefully check whether the mechanical on-board tools and main accessories indicated on the manual are complete, in order to prevent the seller from cutting corners and reducing the number of accessories, and resolutely refuse to propose the factory date is too long, the storage time is longer or the product is repaired.
  3. Check the operation performance. The actual operation of the machine, check whether the operation is flexible or not. Whether the brake light is safe and reliable, for the supporting machinery, it is possible to turn the machine to check whether the rotating parts are flexible and whether there is any stuck phenomenon.
  4. For the power machinery to be tested. First, check the starting performance, it is necessary to start several times to check the starting condition, and then carry out the dry running. Under the normal working speed, idle for more than 10 minutes to check whether the machine runs smoothly and there is no abnormal sound. Check the joint surface and seal at the end of the operation for leaks.
  5. Carefully check the appearance of the multi-purpose harvester. Generally speaking, the appearance quality of the product reflects the intrinsic quality of the product to a certain extent. Before buying the machine, it is necessary to observe whether the product has signs of bumping, damage, paint stripping and renovation. Whether the welding gap of each welding part is flat and firm, the sealing part has the “three leakages” phenomenon of oil leakage and air leakage, whether the gap of each part is consistent, whether the casting has cracks and pores and other defects. Whether the transmission parts have protective measures. According to national laws, agricultural machinery must have protective measures. When purchasing machinery, you must select those products that have reliable protective measures and do not remove hidden dangers and warning signs. You must not save yourself a safety hazard.




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