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VSI Sand Making Machine Parts

VSI sand making machine is also called impact type sand making machine. It is a widely used artificial sand making equipment. It is ideal for crushing hard granite, basalt, river pebbles, pebbles and bluestone. It is also a very good sand making machine with good sales volume. The maintenance and maintenance of VSI sand making equipment is also the most concerned issue for customers. The VSI sand making machine consists of seven parts: feeding, distributor, vortex breaking chamber, impeller experience, spindle assembly, base transmission and motor. Here we will introduce you to the maintenance method of VSI impact sand making machine in detail:

Regularly stop the observation door and observe the internal wear of the impact sand making machine. The wear degree of the center feeding pipe, cone cap, impeller upper and lower runner liner, circumferential guard plate and wear block should be replaced or repaired in time after wear. When replacing the wear block, replace it at the same time to ensure the same weight of the wear block. It is forbidden to open the observation door during the working process of the crusher to observe the internal working conditions to avoid danger. It was found that the impeller body wear was replaced in time to find a manufacturer to repair. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to make the impeller yourself without the manufacturer’s consent.

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Due to the relatively harsh working conditions of the VSI sand making machine, the torque or vibration it receives during operation is large, which often causes the transmission system to malfunction. Common bearing chambers, bearing positions are worn, shaft heads, keyway wear, pulleys, couplings Internal hole wear, etc. At the same time, due to the serious dust at the production site and poor lubrication conditions, the wear of the transmission parts will also be accelerated.

In addition, modern production enterprises have high levels of automation and continuity, and the requirements for smooth operation of equipment are getting higher and higher. The crushing equipment is also developing in the direction of large-scale and high-yield. The difficulty of disassembly, transportation and maintenance is also increasing. Without advanced maintenance methods, once the above equipment problems occur, they cannot be solved quickly and effectively in the first time. Seriously affect the production of enterprises.

VSI sand making machine failure and maintenance: Solution for bearing wear of VSI impact crusher: Vertical impact crusher bearing wear. During the operation of the VSI impact crusher, the bearing position causes wear due to various factors. After the problem occurs, the machining is repaired after the welding or brush plating according to the traditional method. However, the thermal stress generated by the high temperature of repair welding cannot be completely eliminated, and short shafts are likely to occur during operation, causing major accidents; brush plating is easily peeled off due to the influence of coating thickness; and the above methods are all repairing metal with metal and cannot be changed. The hard-to-hard relationship can still cause wear again under the combined effect of various forces.

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