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vertical roller mill structure detailed knowledge

Vertical roller mill is a possible set-grinding, grading, conveying and drying in one of the advanced grinding equipment. The aircraft unique structural features make the device performance advantages of better play out. Today, small as we explain in detail about the vertical mill structure building knowledge.

Vertical roller mill is the main working parts of the roller and the disc, you need a few number of wear resistance and toughness. Rotation of the motor through reducer drive disc and roller, the material falls through the feed inlet into the center of the disc and the formation of the bed by centrifugal force into the grinding ring roller, the roller and the intermediate disc squeezed by roller milling effect and grinding, and shear force due to the relative sliding, the material to achieve ground.

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Hierarchical component vertical mill is separator, generally used in efficient combined classifier. Being tapered roller milled powder delivered in a hot air blower driven into the separator while also hot air drying. In the role of separator blade by grinding coarse powder return disc again, qualified powder into the air with dust collector device from the pipeline. Efficient separator device as a cylindrical cage rotor, in its uniform around the guide vanes, the flow of air up and down evenly into the separator zone, and then the powder was separated, the powder efficiency is very high.

Vertical milling machine on the control roller milling force, the most advanced control technology is used in the hydraulic pressure system, verticla roller mill is the best example, is the most advanced at home and abroad pressurizing means. Can automatically, quickly and easily adjusted to achieve control roller milling force, conducive to achieving the highest efficiency of grinding.

Our vertical roller mill also features automatic control systems and intelligent control technology to realize real-time monitoring of the mill work, a very safe and efficient, effectively ensure the security of mill work reliably. Vertical roller mill drive components for the motor and reducer, motor driven disc levels and dozens of roller rotated by the gear, enabling the material grinding operation.

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