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vertical roller mill in cement production line

In the cement clinker production line, there are always cement vertical grinding of the figure. Vertical roller mill structure mainly comprises a hydraulic device, a grinding roller lubrication device, reducer and lubricating device, a sealing fan, mill spray device, a rotary lock air valve, vibration feeding machine, vertical grinding and separation powder device, mill main motor, mill main reducer, a main motor lubricating oil station, spit slag bucket.

Cement vertical mill is mainly through the installation of three rollers under the pressure frame by the disc drive around their own roller rotation, extrusion into powder and through the hot air drying, after being installed in the upper part of the mill separator were screened and output in line with requirements of the powder, to cement production requirements.

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In the process of running cement production line, it is helpful to understand the working principle of cement mill, which will help users in the process of using, correct operation and improve working efficiency.. Cement mill principle is as follows: after matching material from the inlet to the disc, disc rotating in the main drive motor, due to the centrifugal force, the material is dispersed in a millstone around, in the grinding roller and the applied gravity grinding force, grinding roll shear force on the material, transformation for the material extrusion and grinding, a part of large particles fall into the nozzle ring, the scraper scraping grinding cavity, roller rotation friction generated at the same time in the material under high temperature; exhaust gases from the kiln or furnace, through the nozzle into the grinding ring, vortex wind, pre heat drying of the material, by grinding material in the exhaust fan and the pumping force, suspended meet certain requirements of the fineness of the material into the separator; a portion of the particles and the guide vane due to collision, collision and centrifugal force of the material and the material, the hammer valve re grinding grinding, the qualified materials by cyclone collection into all of the libraries.

Cement production and processing with vertical milling machine in production line application, simple operation process, preheating, grinding, lifting in one, short process, covers an area of small. The device self strong, mainly due to the cement vertical mill reducer with thin oil station, hydraulic station, wear and lubrication, and a water spraying device and other auxiliary facilities. With dynamic and static powder selecting modulation of product quality, the device has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, high yield per unit, low energy consumption, small amount of maintenance, wear small, easy maintenance, is the preferred milling equipment for cement production and processing.

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