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Vertical Mill Slag Recycling for Cement Industry

Slag as a building material, commonly used in the vertical roller mill production of cement and concrete. Since the slag has the potential hydraulic cementitious properties in cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other activator effect, can be used as high-quality cement raw materials. After processing slag vertical mill and other equipment can be made of slag portland slag cement, slag cement plaster, lime slag cement, slag bricks, slag concrete, but can also produce environmentally friendly cement bricks as a raw material.

Slag recycling is a good way to achieve waste waste into treasure. Slag processed into raw materials of economic value, not only to save our resources, but also reduce waste pollution on the environment, in line with the current development of the concept, but also a lot of good business investment approach.

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Slag Vertical Mill Working Principle

Slag vertical mill works by the motor through reducer driven in mill, material from the feed opening fell into a millstone, under the action of centrifugal force to the mobile and by roller rolling mill edge. After crushing material from mill edge overflow, at the same time, from the wind ring with the high speed up stream – and vertical mill one efficient classifier. Meal after separator is returned to the mill wheel, grinding again; Fine powder increases with airflow grinding, collect down in the system of the dust collecting device. Stream is not bring up the coarse particle materials and accidental into metal sinks down from the wind ring, by scraping board, by the outer loop inside the bucket machine feeding grinding of grinding again. The process cycle for the material of the broken again and again.

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