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UNscheduled Conscious Event “Asking for HELP”

Episode 1

In this Realtime episode Steve is inspired to find a family or business somewhere in the world to co-create an UNscheduled Conscious Event. I believe it takes a little humility to ask for help and the sooner we do the sooner we can get back on our feet.

1. Inspiration- Starting with an idea with positive community intentions.
2. Co-Commitment- A group of people committing to an outcome without controlling the process.
3. Conscious Action Steps- Looking inside ourselves taking timely actions as a community to evolve the original idea.

Now is the time for less planning and more conscious action steps without knowing every step before we take the first. Looking forward to you getting involved when you least expect it.

Episode 2

Thanks for posting your video on Youtube!OK, so this is me asking for help. One of dreams is to have a TV show, but not a TV like any other. This TV show will take the power of story-telling, traditionally an art form that recognises things that have already happened, and transform it into a creative force of positive change. Reality shows have changed the entertainment landscape in that they have given the viewer the power of creation – with shows like Idols, America’s got Talent etc it is the viewer that creates the star! Other shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, use the power of story telling to shine a light on a family that not only needs help but does great work in their community. With the attention on the story, it is valuable for businesses to come in and people these people a new house because they know that they will get real good marketing out of it. What if we could tell the stories of real people, using their lives to make the world a better place, and tell that story in real time with the power of free media platforms. My concept is: Talk Show, Reality Show, Blog, Social Network, Youtube and Wikipedia all rolled into ! I call it Wiki-ality! Wiki-ality is DIY Reality. It is open source, crowd sourced and for the good of the whole. Imagine people with webcams, Flip cameras and even just cellphone cameras telling the stories that matter most to them. What is required though would be a community sharing and recreating content amongst each other so that as much creative skill can be applied to each story. Imagine someone else could edit your footage, another person adding photos, another creating visual affects like title screens, another doing voice over and another doing sound design…just as an example. All you need to do to have access to content generated by others is credit the source and promise to share the content you create.

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I see one central website where all the content is stored & shared, where all the collaborators have their own profile and where are the people and projects who’s stories are being told have their own profile.I know this is a big idea and I have no idea how to pull this off. But like you said, if it’s meant to happen it will…and we will have fun doing so.I recently tried to get into Oprah’s Your OWN Show competition but was rejected because I am not a US resident and don’t have a work permit. So it looks like I, no no WE, will just have to do the show on our own.The name of the show is called Nu-buntu TV, but what I am really looking for help with is to test the concept of wiki-ality and see how it can work.

So if there is anyone out there who knows about the creative side of video and film production, this is where I am the weakest. I actually freeze up when it comes to the editing process cos I really don’t know how to do it. I am quite happy in front of the camera talking to people though, so would love to go see and interview people who doing cool things in this world.

Please help me find a way to share the video content that I will be shooting from now on, so that creatives any where in the world can can help me tell these stories!

By the way, here is a link to the audition video I put on Youtube, unfortunately Oprah didn’t see it!

Episode 3

In this video Steve’s aim’s is to inspire Adin and his team giving them a clearer vision. During this chance meeting Steve benefits by helping Adin which leads to a more empowered share vision. Which always leads to co-inspired conscious action steps presented by Steve.

Part 3a- Inspirations and Concept

Part 3b Conscious Action Steps

Conscious Action Step

1. Entering this contest.

2. Mesh your projects & create a clearer vision

3. Create a STORY BUZZ.

Episode 4 and beyond coming soon

This experience leading Adin lead me to watching my new vision unfold before my eyes.




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