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Understanding the me generation by Stephen T. Jones

Over my career I have spent lots of time with the me generations and 15 years later I really understand them and I have a great appreciation for them and what they are all about. What started out as a perceived selfish generation has turned into a generation that has really changed the world we live in. Over the rest of this sub-chapter I am gonna give some insights to help them and the people that spend time with them to understand what makes them tick.

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  • First of all I like to call them the “WHY?” generation because from an early age unlike any other generation in history they were allowed to question the status quo. As we know this can be a blessing and a curse but the more real life experience that they have, they will create a bigger impact for the world. What is good about this is they have lots of peers that organically understand making money and being socially responsible.
  • They need the support system to realize who they are individually than as a generation to find their place in the world. Before, during and after this happens this to feel part of something bigger than them and when this happens this is magic.
  • Unlike any other they do not need strict direction they need guidance because in the last 6 years the world has changed and if we expect them to do things the way we did them that will only delay progress. This is what I do when I am dealing with a them I ask them, I sit down with them and say this is how we did this when I was your age, how would you do this now? If you you take this action you will learn what took us 40 hours to do 10 years ago they can do in 5 minutes.
  • More than any other generation they respond to incentives…Let them know if they do this, they will get this and they will make things happen like clock work. And if they aren’t preforming change the incentive and it you don’t know what it is just ask. They know what makes them work and most the time it doesn’t cost near as much as it cost you and I. You can make more things happen with Starbucks Cards and Itunes cards then you could ever imagine.
  • More than any other youth generation in history they have a broader view of the world. They have a deep knowledge of what is going on in the world and the gift to uncover what they don’t know. Like most of us that are inundated with the road kill of the information age they need more and more real life experience to grasp the deeper meaning of these views.

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