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ultrafine mill maintenance work description

ultrafine mill has a wide range of applications in milling production, so many users in order to normal milling production, you want to understand how the installation and maintenance work is carried out, Xiao Bian to the customer’s request consulted with the relevant experts , I hope to give you a satisfactory answer.

Q: After grinding for a long period of time, the ultrafine mill needs regular maintenance of the product to prevent it from malfunctioning. How do users need to maintain it?
A: Because the mill produces a lot of dust, so its working environment is harsh, so need to take the necessary maintenance measures. There are three types of mill maintenance: short, medium and long term, while medium and long term maintenance requires professional maintenance workers. Therefore, only the short-term maintenance work to be done by the user is discussed here.

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ultrafine mill system developed by the company is the automatic lubrication of thin oil, the user needs to do is check the amount of oil every day before the start, to timely oiling; when the oil temperature indicator mill showed abnormal temperature, long The time the oil temperature has not dropped, then immediately shut down to check, the general situation is mostly due to bearing wear, impurities and other causes, to find the problem and promptly resolved; mill grinding chamber components easy to wear and loose, to be regularly checked Its degree of wear and replacement, but also in the boot before fastening each screw; check the circuit before running the system is operating normally, an exception to be ruled out in time.

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