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So there is a lot of sexual violence that goes around this world!

It happens everyday and what can we do to stop it?

I’m going to show a story of a woman who went through that very situation and how she found help.

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My name is Louise Kyogabirwe, born in Uganda to a family of 11 children. I came to Universal Love Ministries in 2010 after my family disowned me because of being a lesbian. In 2008 my family came to confirm that I was a lesbian after the principle of a tertiary institution, where I was doing a course in accounts, expelled me because of reports from friends that I had told about how I was attracted to them.
When I reached home my Dad said he could not pay tuition my fees any more. After about two months he called a family meeting in which they agreed to take me to the witch doctor for treatment. I did not oppose this because I somehow thought I was abnormal. I went to the witch doctor’s shrine after hearing from my mother. The witch doctor said that I was to spend a night at his shrine for cleansing.
At night around 11pm the witch doctor called me using a funny voice to his small room. As I entered he told me to close my eyes or else his spirits would strike me dead. As I closed my eyes I felt him touching my breast and pushing his hand down my skirt. He tried to forcefully undress me. I shouted to other people who were also around, they replied asking me what the problem was! He let go of me and told me to leave his shrine and compound quickly. It was a tough time for me. I had never walked at night before and it was my first day in that area. I moved only a few meters, hid under a coffee plantation tree and sat there till morning. I went home and told my mother what had had happened but she was not happy that I refused to allow the witch doctor to have sex with me, saying it was a medicine to take a way curses and make me straight.
Thereafter, a meeting that included my elder sister and one uncle was held. During which it was resolved that at the end of each month a group of four men should come into my room and have sex with me, one after the other. One night, deep in the night I had someone force himself on me, three held me on the bed while the other raped me, each in turn. I surely know who chose them. That morning my mother came and told me not to say anything. I was hurt, I could not walk. I hated myself, my mother and every one at home. This went on for some three months, one day my father told me that if I could not get married then I should leave his house. He told me that I was a disgrace and a curse to his family.
I left home because I was tired of being gang raped every month. I went to stay with a maternal aunt who also sent me away saying that I was going to influence her young girls to be like me.
I went around looking for someone who could offer me accommodation, food and work. A woman took me to work for her in a bar. She was to give me food and shelter. I had worked for only two days in this bar when she brought a man to see me who had paid her in order that I have sex with him for a night. When I refused the woman told me to leave.
I went to another village where I found an old man and explained to him what had happened to me. He gave me a house to stay in, which his son had abandoned when he went to the city. This old man was being taken care of by Universal Love Ministries. Samson one day had come with assistance for this old man, so I think this is why the old man introduced me to Samson. One evening as I was arranging my rugs to sleep, two ladies knocked on the window and asked me to open it for them. I got scared and thought they had come to kill or arrest me. They introduced themselves and showed me their Universal Love Ministries identity cards. They introduced Universal Love Ministries to me as an organization that looks after the elderly man who had offered me this house. These three are loving, caring and lively women.
From the time I came to ULM my life has changed, I am happy. ULM has helped me to start a small business. Universal love ministries is indeed universal love ministries.


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