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types of special crusher machine

In the progress of society, in order to be able better to High-speed Rail and other construction out of a force, Shanghai our began to serialization,standardization, automation, intelligent and large-scale development,accelerated the development of crusher equipment, highlighting the development of the industry’s direction. Our company types of special crushers use and widely,which works in stone crushing, sand used in construction, industrial milling and other business areas are in the mining machinery industry leading level. quarry jaw crusher introduction one stone arouses quarry jaw crusher billow, make the old original equipment has been a great impact. The equipment adopts a labyrinth sealing device,replacing the previous water seals used, so that the dust impurities can not enter the body, so as to ensure the smooth oil clean, prolong the thrust ball bearing sliding bearing, service life, make the machine run reliably.

Quarry jaw crusher has the following characteristics: 1 impact crusher has the advantages of compact structure, strong rigidity of the machine, the rotor has a large moment of inertia; 2 less powder products, production capacity, production cost is low.The 3 discharge port adjusting range, can meet the requirements of different users; 4 is shaping functions, a cube shaped products, high packing density.5 has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, low operating costs; 6has finely, coarse grinding function, and the impact plate and the hammer head clearance adjustable, product size can be adjusted flexibly in the range of 20 ~ 3mm.

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The crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway,railway, water conservancy and other industries. The crushing cavity depth and no dead zone, improve the feeding ability and yield; the crushing machine has the advantages of novel structure, unique, stable operation. Fight tooth plate, unique keyless connection. quarry jaw crusher with self-cleaning function, to avoid blockage, bonding and paste machine phenomenon, can adapt to the crushing of the larger water materials. Retain customers to close all aspects of services, has become a magic weapon to win our development. our to customers in exchange for the affirmation to 100% effort.

Cone crusher crushing hazards if the grinding product is too thick, the dissociation is not sufficient, choose the concentrate grade and recovery rate are low. But too small, though useful mineral liberation fully, but also will produce more difficult to select another fine particles, namely crushed phenomenon. Crushing not only jeopardize the classification process, reduces the concentrate grade and recovery, but also because of the crush is not necessary, increase the grinding process and consumption choose don’t process, so that the processing costs increase.

Therefore, appropriate grinding fineness is necessary to achieve useful minerals and gangue minerals good sorting. Mineral processing workers should pay attention to grinding process and equipment selection, strict control of operating conditions, the grinding fineness and strictly control the best scope in Beneficiation test. Recommended processing equipment: expert in Xincheng Gold mine ore dressing plant flotation cyanidation of gold

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