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Transparent Communication by Stephen T. Jones

We have all heard the statistics that words are 7% of communication, voice qualities (voice, tone, pitch, speed) are 38% and physiology or lack thereof is 55%. When I was being trained to be a sales instructor at Dale Carnegie International Training they said that when you are congruent your words, match your voice qualities which match your physiology each part is 33% which adds up to only 99%. I never gave this much thought until 10 years later when I started to think what did this missing percentage represent. And after 2 to 3 years of testing and contemplation I came up with something that I would like to share with you and your business. The 1% that I am talking about is transparency but before we go any further it is important that the 1% words a long with the 99%. Just being transparent with without a good solid delivery is meaningless. With a good solid congruent story combined with transparency connecting with your audience without hiding the good or the bad. Trust me this is the road less traveled and you always run the risk of being exposed to criticism which will ultimately strengthen you resolve. Lots of people talk about transparency like if it were something from a superhero comic book that is not based in reality. All our lives society has trained us to hide our emotions and I believe that we are missing out on the full life experience. I have never met someone that is fully transparent and I don’t know if it is possible. I think the goal is to use less and less effort to become more and more transparent to do this ask yourself…What gift am I hiding that need to come to the surface? How do I feel that sharing this gift will impact the world around me? What do I need to let go of right now to make that happen?

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Casper the friendly ghost is transparent and happy

Stephen T. Jones is a Visionary and Inspirational Speaker
that is really starting to find his artistic expression in the world.
He is a dreamer that loves to connect with water and waves while
taking time to build community ventures and corporate projects.

Writing a book with the world…If even one percent of the population —

or even just one percent of one percent — posted their ideas in one day,

you’d have enough information to fill a book with world solutions.

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