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Tips for trimming the side of the wheel

a: When trimming the side wall of the grinding wheel, the trimming knife and the side of the grinding wheel are placed at a certain angle. After the grinding wheel is opened, the repairing knife is slow.
Slowly approaching the grinding wheel, after a good knife, cut off disc for stainless steeleach time the amount of the cutting is about 0,01mm, the knife is moved around evenly, when the grinding wheel
At the end, stand the dresser in the center of the grinding wheel, then slowly raise the grinding wheel until the knife finishes on the grinding wheel.

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b: When processing some workpieces with higher sides, in order to prevent the friction area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, it is large and hot.
When grinding the side wall of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel should be avoided from 0.03 to 005 mm. When the R or the slope is repaired, the arc dresser or angle dresser is placed on the workbench and the school is applied.
When leveling the wheel, aim the knife at the center of the wheel.

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