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Tile splicing cutting skills

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Home decoration and tiling are already a concern of everyone. In order to make the appearance of the home in the inlay, it is more and more popular to use tile splicing to make the mosaic, which is simple, direct, economical and practical.
For the master, it is a fine work, and the tile splicing requires the tile to be cut accordingly. Cutting requires consideration of the skill of the master,high performance cutting disc as well as the characteristics of the tiles, as well as the style.
Manual cutting of antique bricks can be divided into three steps:
The first step: positioning
Move the ruler to select the cutting size, hold the operation handle with one hand, pull the cutter wheel position to the rear seat, place the antique brick on the bottom plate and align the cutting line of the antique brick with the bottom plate beam. The gap of the bottom plate.high performance cutting disc
The second step: scribing
Put down the handle to make the cutter wheel contact with the surface of the antique brick, and push the handle forward so that the cutter wheel cuts a continuous straight line on the surface of the antique brick.
The third step: press down
Raise the operating handle slightly and pull it back so that the clamp is placed smoothly on the front end of the antique brick. With the appropriate force, press the handle down and the antique brick will break along the score line.
Note: When scribing, be sure to be uniform, continuous, and clear from beginning to end. This is the key to cutting antique bricks. When cutting, be sure to hold the handle with a small amount of force, and gently push the cutter wheel smoothly. Otherwise, excessive force will not only damage the tile, but also greatly shorten the service life of the cutter wheel.
Of course, antique bricks can also be cut with a glass knife like cut glass. First use a metal cutter to cut the cutting line on the surface of the antique brick. Then, flip the antique brick, the back side is up, place the line on a hard plane corner, the large half plane is compacted, the small half plane is suspended, and the two hands are placed separately. At both ends of the tile, you can form it with a sigh of relief.
Polished brick
The hardness of the polished brick is high. It has certain requirements for the cutting worker’s technology. It must be familiar. It is best to use professional cutting equipment. When cutting, the cutting part must be sprayed to cool down. Otherwise, the tile will crack.
The manual cutting step can be used to refer to the cutting process of antique bricks. Manual cutting machine can only cut polished bricks and antique bricks. It is not acceptable for all-glazed glaze and microcrystalline stone. If the microcrystalline stone is a professional factory, there may be a phenomenon of chipping.
Hand-held machine cutting is also a method, which is convenient, but the type of cutting is limited. The cutting master needs to cut along the whole process, and it needs to cut one side, and must use the homemade bottle to spray water. Otherwise, the friction temperature is too high, which will cause Bad consequences, so there is a certain danger.
Full cast Glaze
Full glaze is a special glaze that can be polished on the glaze. It is the last glaze applied to antique bricks. Currently, it is usually a transparent glaze or a transparent convex glaze. The full-glazed glazed tile combines the advantages of polished tiles and antique bricks. The glazed surface is smooth and polished like polished tiles. At the same time, its glazed colors are rich in patterns like antique tiles, and the colors are heavy or beautiful.
The full glaze is a high-grade tile, and it is fragile. It needs to go to a professional cutting manufacturer, use a professional cutting machine (the machine is equipped with water standard cutting), and the cutting master craftsmanship is better. Otherwise it will lead to full glazed porcelain and glaze. After cutting, you need to grind the original edge, otherwise there will be burrs, there is no way to put it on.
Marble tile
Marble tiles are the most common type of mosaic, because its texture and luster are so prominent that no tile can match it.
Sometimes some cuts are more complicated, such as a combination of round, various colors and patterns, and it is safest, simplest and practical to use a professional waterjet.
If you want to try it yourself, you can use a glass knife or an alloy steel drill bit to cut the glass on the front side, and then put a wooden strip on the bottom, and then place two bricks on the brick. Step on a square beam, slam on it hard, and the bricks are neatly disconnected.

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