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There are three kinds of commonly used grinding wheel binders.

There are three commonly used wheel binders: ceramic binders (clay binders), rubber binders, and resin binders.
The ability of the binder to bond particles is called the hardness of the low price disc for metal. If the bonding agent binds the particles very tightly, then the hard grinding wheel, the bonding agent binds the particles to the soft grinding wheel. Determination of the hardness of the grinding wheel can be carried out with certain equipment. However, the sound produced by the sand transmission line can be roughly determined. When we tap lightly with a metal rod, the crisper the sound, the higher the hardness.
Each wheel has a label on the manufacturer, indicating the manufacturer’s grade, abrasive, particle size, bonding agent, hardness, size, working speed, manufacturing year, and so on. In general, only the manufacturer’s grade, particle size, hardness and working speed are indicated. We can choose according to the performance of the grinding wheel and the combination of needs. When the grinding wheel is working, the workpiece should be cooled, especially the planer, milling cutter, drill bit, etc., to prevent the cutting tool from annealing. China currently produces vivid grinding machines with automatic control cooling liquid pumps. It is generally not necessary to cool the saw blade or the saw blade. There is no cooling equipment sharpener, and the grinder should be equipped with a bucket or a sink.
During the grinding process, each stroke is ground to a thickness. According to various materials, the grinding amount is different, about 0.012~0.015 mm for carbon steel and about 0.01 for alloy steel. ~0.02 mm. Its essence is like a diamond disc.
The degree of grinding thickness is determined by the following two points, the size of the ground surface and the circumferential speed of the grinding wheel. At the same speed, the smaller the grinding surface, the greater the thickness that can be ground. Conversely, the larger the grinding surface, the smaller the grinding thickness. If the size and quality of the 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal are constant, the peripheral speed is proportional to the amount of grinding.

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