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The working process of main parts of Raymond mill

A set of High-Pressure Suspension Mill consist of main frame, decelerator, powder separator, blower, Raymond mill, bucket-elevator, vibrating feeder, hopper, bag filter, pipe-devices, motor and electric control panel, etc.When using Raymond mill, you should first know the working principle, if you want to know, check here.This article is main talking about the main part working process.Working process of the main frame:The motor drives the central axle rotating through the decelerator, there is a suspension rack on the up end of the axle with which the roller assembly is connected through the horizontal shaft.

The special design can make the roller revolves on its own axle while the whole set equipment revolves around the central axle.Shovel frame is installed at the bottom end of the suspension rack, inclined shovels are installed at the lower flange of the shovel frame. The front end of the shovel approaches the chassis and the back end situated in a wedge-shaped area formed by roller and ring. While turning together with the rollers, the shovels shed the stuff into the gap between the rollers and the ring and and the stuff layer is formed there. Under the centrifugal force, roller stretches outward around the horizontal shaft to compress tightly on the ring.

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Through the process, stuff layer is laminated and the purpose of grinding material is realized. The airflow coming from the bottom of the ring goes into the grinding chamber and takes the small powders into separator to get the final products.Operation mechanism of the separator:To separate the ground stuff into the fine powder-product and the rough stuff is done through vane on the turntable driven by a speed adjustable motor.

The turning speed of the vane can be adjusted to the requirements of the fineness of powder products. If more finer powders are needed, the turning speed will be increased so that the rough stuff can be thrown towards the outer wall of the pipeline away from the air current and then back into grinding chamber for regrinding.

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