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The use of Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine?

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With the increasing demand for Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine, there are now more and more manufacturers of planters, and this type of planter is also used more and more in agriculture. However, some users who have not used the planter before, do not know how to use the planter specifically, today Aike will explain to everyone how to use the planter?

  1. Simple and reasonable support, when using single row sowing, fertilizing, single squatting, the stipulation is decentralized, the whole machine can be placed horizontally. It is convenient to add seeds and fertilizers to achieve one-person operation.
  2. The entire machine can change the plant spacing through a single gearbox. Six plant spacings can be generated. By changing the transmission ratio, the row spacing of the entire machine can be changed.
  3. The operation lever of the planter can control the radial pendulum and axial movement of the pendulum wheel at the same time. The operation is quick and convenient. All the gears of the planter are made of high-quality steel and carburized. All the transmission parts are made of high-quality rolling bearings with reliable performance.
  4. The rack is raised from the ground, and the distance between the front and rear openers is widened, which reduces the phenomenon of summer wheat straw blocking the machine.
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