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the temperature of the ultrafine mill outlet

ultrafine mill production process, all aspects of the need for timely attention, if any abnormalities need timely treatment, otherwise it will not only affect the efficiency of production, but also affect the quality of finished products, here is to analyze the production In the mouth of the temperature problem.
ultrafine mill process will produce heat in the powder process, especially for a long time processing, the system uses the principle of circulating air, long time the wind cycle and a long time mechanical friction will produce a certain amount of heat, although the cycle style Into the air inlet into the air, the wind out of one-way dust on the overall temperature has been eased, but overall there is a temperature, especially the grinding body grinding roller and grinding ring, so the use of ultra-fine chemical raw material mill or to Careful consideration, better or ahead of time to try a good price.
The main analysis of the article is the temperature of the ultrafine mill outlet, which is mainly used in the chemical industry. Since the raw materials produced in the chemical industry can not react chemically, the temperature control of the outlet is relatively strict.

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