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The selection of building materials is also a key link

The selection of building materials is also a key Construction Waste Crusher link. According to reports, the current use of cement hollow bricks, there must be a 28-day maintenance period, or easy to damage. Some builders were eager to launch construction projects. The use of such hollow bricks resulted in substandard quality. After being discovered by the engineering supervision department, they had to be reworked. This not only wastes resources but also generates construction waste. Recycling requires governments to support difficult governance, and the source is difficult to block. Words such as “renewable use” and “recycling factories” gradually become popular. During the interview, relevant people all learned about the importance of recycling of construction waste.

Construction waste is mainly waste concrete, waste bricks, etc. After Construction Waste Crusher processing, it can be used as a roadbed or aggregate for concrete production, and it can also be used as raw materials for building materials. Usually also contains wood, scrap metal, waste rubber, plastic waste, packaging materials, etc., after separation can be used as the corresponding industrial raw materials. According to relevant data, a recycling plant can process at least 110 to 275 tons of construction waste per hour, and can process and sell at least 200,000 tons of recycled aggregate each year. It is understood that the city is located in the coastal area, the city’s area of ??160 square kilometers, the original sand, stone, soil used for construction is scarce, after many years of mining has become more scarce, so the construction waste recycling is imminent.

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However, it must be pointed out that the competitiveness of recycled building waste aggregates compared with natural gravel is weak, mainly because the market acceptance is not high, and whether construction companies will use recycled building materials is still unknown. According to the director of the Municipal Department of Environmental Hygiene and Environment, 400,000 tons of construction waste each year can produce 150 million bricks and 50,000 houses can be built. In terms of this city, market demand is not yet estimated to be so large. It can be seen that, due to comprehensive factors, the renewable use of construction waste is not yet a profitable industry. Relevant sources believe that the recycling of construction waste is subject to the government’s guidance, dispatching personnel to visit other places for reference, drawing on advanced experience and treatment methods, and if renewable enterprises are put into operation, they also need preferential policies.

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