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The production superiority of regional system sand machine

With the national energy consumption for the industrial production of the increasingly stringent requirements of the time, energy saving and emission reduction and efficient environmental protection is an important index of industrial production industry, all this time, meet the national standard of sand making machine for the enterprise the corresponding national call, it is of low carbon environmental protection production ten important. Therefore, a lot of regional sand making machine manufacturers have corresponding national call, select high-quality sand can help enterprises to get better production results in the low carbon environmental protection production policy.In the aggregate processing process, can be produced according to different local conditions. sand making machine can be directly by river in HeLuanShi or pebbles processed directly. According to the stone of sediment concentration and particle size, sand grinding raw material bulk preparation were relatively small. Characteristics of sand making machine: 1, simple and reasonable structure, low operation cost; 2, has finely, coarse grinding function, the energy consumption of filial piety, high yield, high crushing rate. 3, the volume of the equipment is filial piety the impeller from the lining wear filial piety has the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance.

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4, affected by material moisture content is small, water containing up to about 8%. 5, with plastic function, a cube shaped products, bulk density, iron pollution school 6, more suitable for crushing medium hard and super hard material. In 7, a few easy wear parts with hard and wear-resistant materials, small size, light weight and convenient replacement parts. 8, the working noise is lower than 75 dB (dstrong), less dust pollution. The reason why in sand reputation so good, the reason lies in the area of sand making machine manufacturers are numerous, and the grinding machine is currently the best stone machine, use scope is extremely widespread, to all kinds of rocks, concrete aggregate, refractory material, grinding, whether hard or brittle materials the material has gravel sand making choice is right. These years, more and more faster development of China’s urbanization construction is also in constant speed up, the construction of various facilities are carried out in full swing, so choose a good sand making machine is an important measure to promote the development of their own production, sand making machine, sand making machine in is represented by its excellent performance and high performance price ratio to let sand making machine has a good reputation in the market, at the same time also improved innovation constantly.

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