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The production process for the sale of multi-purpose harvesters by walking tractors

Walking tractors are a very important mechanical device in our agricultural production and processing. Their use has greatly reduced our labor input and shortened our working time. Then the multifunctional harvester is working. What kind of knowledge needs to be learned during the production process? Next, the Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper for sale the manufacturer for a brief introduction.

Agricultural mechanization can greatly improve the efficiency of labor production. The most obvious manifestation is that the workforce of the previous dozens of people is now only one person, and peanuts, as the main economic crops in China, are very necessary for the production of seeds and receipts. The labor to achieve, the peanut picking machine is a kind of rapid picking equipment, which can quickly separate the peanuts from the neck lice, avoiding the rot of the slow knife and the germination phenomenon.

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The multi-purpose harvester can also be used for the harvesting of peanuts, mainly for the removal of peanuts from peanut meal, and is also an integral part of the peanut combine harvester. In the past, China mainly promoted the application of dried fruit machinery. In recent years, according to the requirements of agronomy and agricultural time, many scientific research and production units have developed and promoted fresh fruit harvesting machinery. The peanut picking machine includes a simple hand-picking machine, a fruit picker for the engine, a fruit picker for the tractor, and a fruit picker for the motor.


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