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The Product Features Of The High Quality Galvalumed Steel Sheet

The product features of the high quality galvalumed steel sheet

Test conditions: placed in relative humidity is 100% x 49 + / – 1 ℃ environment, and check the surface change test conditions: smoke by 55 ℃ environments placed 22 hours to 2 hours and then dry processing 2: Salt spray test, test method will be subject to ASTMB117-73.

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The surface is a uniform AZ – ha crystal flower. The surface of the coating layer is solid dendrite crystal, and the dendrite part is the compound of protective effect. Therefore, the remarkable performance of low cost galvalumed steel plate, called G for short, is excellent corrosion resistance and thermal reflection, so the high quality Galvalumed steel panel has excellent corrosion resistance at high temperature.

GL board allowed in 3 ℃ working environment for long-term use of surface evenly distributed Azr jin jing to spend and therefore has a good decorative appearance. However, in the process of storage and transportation, low cost Galvalumed steel plate is prone to corrosion, resulting in white rust, black spots, and other defects. In addition, GL has good performance.

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