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The most important thing of Raymond mill is the dust treatment

In the industrial pulverizing equipment, the most widely used is the Raymond mill. The Raymond mill has good running performance and high efficiency, but it is suitable for different material production and processing. We all know that a certain amount of dust will be produced in the production of the mill, which usually have combustible material and have a certain combustibility.

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The seal of the Raymond mill is also very important, and the sealing of the equipment ensures the important measures to prevent the leakage of the powder. The cleanliness and cleanliness of the production area, at the same time, ensure the good sealing performance of the production equipment, do the cleaning work regularly, and do well the dust removal and maintenance of the duster, is the key to ensure the production of the equipment. Through the overall prevention and control measures can effectively reduce the security risks, reduce the amount of dust to do a safe production.

Among them, the reasonable use of dust removal equipment in the factory area is the key to prevent dust exposure. Besides, it is very necessary to clean up the factory area, do regular equipment cleaning and keep the production clean.

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