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The maintenance of the fast 9” grinding wheel

In industrial production, the use of fast 9” grinding wheel is indispensable, so the diamond tools corresponding to the grinding wheel are used at a relatively high frequency in daily use, and the price is relatively high, and once damaged, it will affect the later production, so today, we have to Everyone is talking about the maintenance of diamond tools:


  1. The single-point diamond dressing tool head cannot be vertically aligned with the center of the grinding wheel. Generally, it should be inclined by 10-15°.
  2. When placing the diamond tool head to the holder, be careful not to hit the surface of the grinding wheel.
  3. It is not possible to “quench” the hot dressing tool. In dry dressing, the interval between two dressings must be maintained, enough to cool the hot dressing tool.
  4. It cannot be assumed that the surface of the fast 9” grinding wheel has an ideal flatness. When starting the dressing, find the high point of the grinding wheel and trim it.
  5. If possible, the amount of fast 9” grinding wheel must not exceed 0,001 inches on the radius of the grinding wheel. Excessive amounts of trim can cause premature wear and frequent breakage of the diamond dressing tool head.
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