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The Long Life Grinding Wheel Has A Self-sharpening Effect

During the grinding process of the long life grinding wheel, the abrasive blunt abrasive grains undergo micro-crushing and large-cracking under the action of grinding force and thermal shock, thereby forming a new cutting-edge, and abrasive grains may fall off, making new The abrasive grains are exposed. This effect of continuously updating the abrasive cutting edge is called self-sharpening.

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When grinding, since the self-sharpening effect is substantially uniform along the surface of the long life grinding wheel, there is no change in the surface shape of the grinding wheel, which is significantly different from other cutting methods. During the grinding process, the grinding wheel is self-sharpening only when the grinding wheel characteristic parameters are selected properly.

When the long life grinding wheel is too soft, the abrasive particles fall off too fast, the grinding wheel is seriously damaged, and the shape accuracy is broken. When the grinding wheel is too hard, not only the top of the abrasive grain has a large wear plane, but also does not break and fall off, and the long life grinding wheel is blocked and the grinding is caused. The process deteriorates and the grinding quality deteriorates.

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