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The importance of 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc hardness?

Due to the needs of the industry and the need for cutting technology, the current cutting blade technology is more and more developed, and the hardness technology of the cutting piece is also getting higher and higher. The cutting piece is made of high-strength resin and preferred special abrasive, and the allowable line The speed is large, both exceed 50 m / s, it is not easy to be brittle; the cutting is sharp, the cutting heat is very small, and the heat of the cutting piece sample is shallow, so as to minimize the interference. Today, the aurora abrasive tool is for everyone to analyze the importance of 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc hardness.

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Cutting sheets are widely used in machinery, automobiles, ships, metallurgy, chemical industries, etc. They can also be used in the renovation and equipment repair of modern houses and workshops. Professional grinding general metal. Stainless steel. Crushed steel. Tool steel construction metal. Casting Gray iron, hard cast iron metal.

Superhard abrasive itself has a very high hardness, so it can process a variety of high hardness materials, especially materials that are difficult to process with ordinary abrasives. For example, diamond abrasives are used to process hard alloys and ceramics. Agate. Optical glass. Semiconductor materials. Stone, concrete and other non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals.




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