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The Four Major Factors Influencing the Flotation Machine

Flotation machine is used to choose the main function of non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal and nonmetal roughing and selection, to improve the flotation machine at best, can effectively improve its production capacity, and improve the flotation index. Flotation machine is affected by many factors, of which there are four key factors, plays an important role.

Flotation machine

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1. Into the slurry: when the most appropriate amounts of pulp into the impeller center, your biggest. Because in a certain range into a large amount of pulp, pulp was thrown when will generate centrifugal force is big, form the negative pressure zone of high vacuum degree, increase your. But if into a large amount of pulp, pulp can make the impeller at the top of the air cylinder block, causing inspiratory difficulty, your lower instead.

2. The pulp quality score: pulp quality score of flotation machine your and dispersion degree also has very big effect. In general, the pulp quality score within limits increases, your and dispersion degree also will increase. But mass fraction cannot too big, too, your bad.

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