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The essence of the coupon

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Real discounts are also a short-term incentive for merchants to use. There are many types of coupons, coupons, direct price reductions, experience coupons, consumer coupons can experience some services, gift coupons, consumer coupons. Consumers can use designated gifts, coupons codes of popular stores, consumer coupons can enjoy consumer discounts, special coupons, consumer coupons can buy specials, redemption coupons, consumers can exchange redemption coupons for designated products. But in the final analysis, it is a preferential discount strategy for merchant marketing. What is reflected in economics is price discrimination.
Coupons can differentiate between different consumer groups and increase consumer surplus while creating sales performance for merchants.
2 ways
1. Official website provides: This is similar to domestic vouchers. That is: after you buy something, you can send it a coupon for the next purchase. Generally, this way you can submit your email subscription when you register the website. If you encounter a holiday event, the merchant will send you an email, just click on the email. The link or input CODE can be used 2, the third-party Coupon website provides: This is the business to promote and a lot of coupon discount website cooperation, to provide those sites with exclusive coupons, such discounts sometimes even more The official website is bigger, the category of coupon is also more, there is code (enter the code consisting of numbers or letters can get a discount), decisions (direct point coupon website coupon after the get deals can jump to the brand’s official website price reduction Commodities), rewards (usually use the mailbox to subscribe to its newsletter first single price reduction or the point price reduction, give a free gift) free shipping (possibly international shipping, but most of them are US or other English-speaking countries).

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