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The depressed grinding disc in stock problem

Analysis of the causes of unstable quality of resin depressed grinding disc in stock.

There are many quality problems in the production process of resin diamond grinding wheels. Since the manufacture of resin grinding wheels is a multi-disciplinary synthesis of composite materials, the causes are complicated and numerous.

Raw material problem

Resin depressed grinding disc in stock is a complex system composed of a variety of main and auxiliary raw materials. As long as the material is abrasive and bonding agent, the auxiliary material includes filler, reinforcing material, coloring agent and the like.

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Problems that should be paid attention to in the abrasive aspect of the grinding wheel. At present, the quality of abrasives on the market is uneven, mainly as follows:

A. The chemical composition of the abrasive of the diamond grinding wheel is often qualified, but the physical properties are poor; mainly manifested in the gap between the bulk density of the abrasive and foreign countries.

B. The grain size composition of the abrasive wheel of the depressed grinding disc in stock is chaotic, which is quite different from the standard specification; the main performance is that the basic particle content of the same grain size abrasive has a gap with foreign countries.

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