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The coming migration by Reuben Lowing

You’ve heard “Birds of a feather flock together”, well it seems in this frigid economic climate there are a lot of us seeking each other out for support and knowledge to get through these times.  Association plays a major role in where you are and where we are headed.  Included in that range of association is the input we get from our surroundings, books, tapes and other media.  I’ve recently completed “The Future Economic Armageddon” By Dr. David Jeremiah and just prior to that I read “Non-compromise Leadership” by Neil Ducoff.  Then today I re-read an article in the January 2010 issue of Real Simple Magazine, “How to Save $5,000 this year” and I just read the first chapter of “The Money Book of Personal Finance by Richard Eisenberg and the editors of Money magazine”.  So what have I gleaned from these books and authors?

In Dr. Jeremiah’s book it goes through the biblical accounts in the Old Testament Joseph in Egypt and compares the situation to our current times, then he goes into Revolutions and how we are headed into the beginning of the great millennium where the earth is ruled under the Anti-Christ and the Great Deceiver.  Now before that Neil Ducoff talks about standing on your principles, no matter what and how to do so without alienating your self from the world.  I re-read the article in Real Simple magazine because I just so happen to have two clients who need to save $6,000 in a tax free supplemental retirement plan and the strategies and techniques outlined in the article will make doing so a walk in the park without drastically effecting their cash flow by helping them find the money they have been spending without their realizing it.

Then in the first chapter of Richard Eisenberg’s book, he basically takes the reader through a Financial Needs Analysis utilized by financially planners and advisors so they can devise a plan for their clients.  It is so exciting referencing all of these resources, reinforcing all of what I’ve been taught and believe in for the last 14 years.  So why do I have to reinforce the principles I learned so long ago?  Because I’ve been surrounded by people who not only haven’t learned these lessons but also have immersed themselves in associations that are ignorant to this information and in fact have it backwards.  They have sought out a life style they are in and probably don’t really want and are trying to find a way to pay for it, at any cost!

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So I’m of the belief that with the right association, through those people we know who have the right mind set, beliefs and principles to govern themselves but, even it is only through the authors of these books and magazine articles, we as brothers and sisters in arms can defeat the status quo and right our own boats and ships and move as a fleet to influence our surroundings and stem what many feel as an inevitable decline of our world economy.  Saturday I had the opportunity to attend Robert Campbell’s “The Real-Estate Market in 2010” annual seminar at the Del Mar Hilton.  I love listening to knowledgeable speakers like Robert Campbell and Paul Dietrich.  They have a way of clearing the fog when it comes to the media.  They give me a reference of who to pay attention to.

I believe that if enough of us can focus in the right direction, we can turn this ship around before it heads over the falls.  A great awakening is accruing right now and I hope that it can be extensive enough to make a difference out there and attract enough into the flock that we can all migrate to a higher level of prosperity.  Quoting Roy Jones Sr. again “When you learn lessons the hard way, they stay with you the rest of your life, the problem is that it’s the hard way, you can do anything with the information you’ve acquired, it’s to late, you’ve already made your mistake, all you can do is teach it to somebody else. The smart thing to do is learn from somene elses mistakes.”  Let’s hope enough of us have learned out lessons, made the corrections and have the fruit on the tree to attract the rest before it’s to late.

Reuben, grew up in Michigan on the farm, worked really hard, joined the Navy to Box, learned Advanced Electronics and that I didn’t want to do that the rest of my life, Trained under Roy Jones Sr. with Roy Jones Jr., Vince Phillips, Arthur Williams, Derrick Gainer, Shawn Fletcher, Julian Wheeler and Lemul Nelsen just to name a few. I spent 8.5 years as a Navy SEAL, served in the Persian Gulf in the summer of 1988, Panama and Just Cause, Decorated with Valor, Went to Sniper School, Free Fall Jump Master School, Spec-War Communications and designated Master Training Specialist. For more information check him out at

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