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The coal powder processing vertical roller mill

In pulverized coal in the production of flour, vertical roller mill  process and crushing production line process, have been asking a lot of users, but in the pulverized coal in the production of flour, its production and processing is not only crushing or grinding process, but the two sets of, so many users do not quite understand the process of a complete coal production line, small series in order to meet the needs of users is summed up as follows, I hope you have some help.

The knowledge of coal milling process, we first need to understand, coal production need to go through the following several aspects: broken link, milling process, powder collecting link. In coal production, configuration of production equipment has broken equipment, grinding equipment, material conveying equipment, electric power system equipment such as.

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According to the above introduction, we give the process of pulverized coal milling production design as follows: crusher machines and other equipment used to bulk materials for primary crushing; back breaking or breaking cone to after initial break after the material two broken; after two grade crushed coal if the fine degree meets the requirement of words, you will be belt conveyor or hoist conveying to the mill for grinding, and does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the coal can be transmitted to a breaking and crushing process of two broken equipment, was broken again, know the size of material crushing coal qualified; finally, by grinding mill after the material is powder collector collection the coal accumulation to finished, can be in the warehouse.

Using vertical mill pulverized coal grinding of refined coal material, at the just ended production were piled storage, coal bulk density is approximately per cubic meter of 0.045 tons to 0.5 tons (the density and size in the normal industrial use coal standards within), and over a period of time accumulation after placement, pulverized coal because of the flow of air, the packing density becomes larger, namely coal accumulation density will become per cubic meter to 0.8 tons to 0.9 tons, at this time, the accumulation of coal can for coal-fired industrial production.

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